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The Edinburgh Bakers Trust

Successful applicants will agree to…
  • Acknowledge being a recipient of The Edinburgh Bakers Trust Funding in any promotional material.
  • On completion submit a timely report in elected format (article/exhibition/film clip that can be published to evaluate and demonstrate the success of your project.
  • Report on how the funding was spent or in the event of the project not going ahead, repay the money.

Submitting this form implies agreement by you for your details being held on the Incorporation of Bakers (Baxters) of the City of Edinburgh database. These will be held for purposes only in connection with the Incorporation and The Edinburgh Bakers’ Trust and not given to other parties.

All applicants for The Edinburgh Bakers Trust Fund should be making a concerted effort to follow the definition of the Real Bread Campaign without using processing aids or artificial additives, and supporting and promoting the skills upheld by the Bakers.

The Edinburgh Bakers Trust values are…
  • To advance education through encouraging training of bakers by supporting opportunities.
  • The advancement of arts, heritage, culture and/or science in relation to baking and bread making.
  • To support dissemination to the public – by informing or discussion on baking and baking standards within the context of food culture.
  • To promote an understanding and appreciation of locally produced bread and the history of the baking trade in Edinburgh and beyond.






FUNDING AMOUNT Funding applied for: £

PERSONAL STATEMENT (max 300 words). Please describe why you think you should be a recipient from this Fund including your relevant biography.

SUMMARY OF PROJECT (max 300 words). A description of your intended plan

PROJECT OBJECTIVE (max 300 words). A description of your aims and objectives, how you plan to use the grant and tangible results you hope to achieve in so doing.

CORE VALUES How does your project meet one or more core value of The Edinburgh Bakers Trust (listed above) and how do you plan to report/exhibit the success of your project?

PROJECT BUDGET Funding Required. The Edinburgh Bakers Trust has in the region of £4,000 to discharge at each round of funding and reserves the right to award small and larger amounts from this total to several individuals and enterprises. [Please note this sum is unlikely to go to one recipient.]
Please indicate your costs regarding how you would intend spending the funding applied for, including a simple breakdown of key expenditure.

OTHER FUNDING Please supply information on other funding or applications which have been sought.

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